Audit & Assurance


Annual statutory audit of financial statements is a legal requirement for all companies incorporated in Hong Kong.

We take a constructive approach in this area, aiming to make an active contribution to our client’s business. In addition to fulfilling our statutory responsibility to report independently on the financial statements, we view an audit as a continuous assignment to provide professional advice throughout the year and to alert clients of potential business opportunities and business issues.

Statutory Audits & Reviews

We routinely perform different levels of audit assignments for our clients:

Due Diligence Reviews

We can conduct ad-hoc due diligence reviews for mergers and acquisitions. Our review process covers all aspects of the target company, Including management structure, business process, risk and opportunities and commercial environment to give a true business picture.


For companies planning to go public, we can provide a comprehensive health-check covering management, process and system capabilities to assess the business’s readiness and if required, assist in making improvements. At the pre-listing stage, we can assist in approaching sponsors and underwriters, and in providing consultation and advice in your negotiations. As Reporting Accountants, we can help prepare and submit audited statements and accounts in compliance with listing requirements.


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