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The China market has seen exceptional growth in most sectors recently. With its large pool of cheap but well educated labor force, China will remain a favorite investment destination for western companies for the foreseeable future.

More importantly, many foreign enterprises operating in China have started to achieve bottom line profitability, as China’s internal market has expanded, due to an increasing middle class population. With its entry into the WTO, China became even more attractive to foreign investors as medium and smaller size businesses also seek to enter this market. We are well equipped to provide consulting advice and on-going support to businesses seeking to enter the China market, as we have been assisting HK businesses with their China operations for many years.

New Business Setup

For companies looking to setup China operations, we provide a range of advisory and assistance services:

Feasibility Study

For companies interested in acquiring or forming joint ventures with PRC local enterprises, we can assist in the decision-making process by conducting feasibility studies of the target businesses and the related industry and business environment. including competitors’ analysis.

Back Office Support

For any business new to the China market and making its first start-up, its priority must be to gain market share and customers as quickly as possible.

This is where the outsourcing service of T.C.NG & COMPANY CPA LIMITED can help. We offer a full suite of outsourcing services for payroll, accounting, management reporting, statutory reporting and application support. For new businesses in start-up phase, using a service provider for back office functions can save time and effort in building a new team, and allow your business to concentrate on its core competence.


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