Service Approach

Optimize Existing Systems

Your business has probably invested much time and resources on its existing finance personnel and systems.

Our initial approach is always to help you in optimizing the strengths of your existing systems and processes. We can leverage our experience of numerous client operations and systems to devise a solution best suited to your business needs.

Superior Communication

We believe that good communication is central to the success of an outsourcing project. We take concrete steps to ensure that every member on a project – both from the client’s end and from our end, is fully clear on objectives and expectations. Communication channels are always open and every member on the project is apprised of progress. We employ all up-to-date communication tools such as VOIP, email, on-line conference and collaboration tools and project management tools to ensure that communication with clients is always opens and clients have constant access to our service managers and directors. Our package of weekly and monthly reports plus regular face-to-face reviews ensures that any issues can be understood and resolved quickly.

Requirement Analysis

For every consulting and outsourcing project, we invest time and expert resources to find out your requirements, understand your business model, operation processes and most importantly, formulate a service / solution package that meets you needs. We also analyze our capacities, and identify areas that will need additional support. We come to a mutual agreement with you on what needs to be achieved and sign a non-disclosure agreement so that your security is maintained. All the details captured are documented on a requirement template. A dedicated client service finance manager will be assigned to manage your project.

The transitioning process follows whereby our team gets to know your current personnel and processes and we prepare an updated process document with suggested improvements. We then train your finance and non-finance staff on new processes and new communication / reporting practices to ensure seamless alignment. Once this is completed, we become part of your extended financial team.

Maintenance Tools

To ensure that the outsourcing engagement continues to run smoothly and perform to expectations, we employ various management tools:

Business Partner Value Proposition

It is our belief that finance and accounting have great potential to serve the core operations of a business. The objective is not just to report bottom-line, but to improve it by helping business operations. This means closely working together with operational managers on the company’s business, whether on a manufacturing plant or inventory warehouse, to analyze workflows to improve output and spot bottlenecks.

Our role as a business partner to our clients delivers:


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