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As businesses grow and mature, owners are often faced with issues of competition, obsolescence from change of consumer market or taste and stagnating internal management competency.

Questions such as how to drive the business forward or whether a new direction is needed always become relevant when businesses have been around for a certain length of time.

Many companies often just continue with their existing mode of doing business because either they are too busy or they lack the requisite management skills or resource to look critically at their current operations (SWOT analysis) or plan for their future. Sometimes, no matter how effectively a company is run, it can never compensate for a lack of critical mass, and completely needs to change its structure in order to survive and prosper. When a business’s financial health is deteriorating, some of the following symptoms may start to appear:

When these symptoms appear, it is highly desirable that a critical review of the business by someone with the requisite professional skills and experience be conducted and where necessary, recommend a short to medium term course of action to move the business forward. Such professionals should have “hands on” experience in managing successful businesses, delivered solid business improvements or turn-arounds during their careers.

They should be experienced in working with different levels of business management, culturally aware, be open minded and be able to generate and challenge ideas without prejudice whenever needed.

CEO Business Advice

We have connections to highly experienced business leaders (CEO/COO) with strong strategic and general management skills, experience in FMCG, consumer durables and service businesses, in both highly developed and emerging markets, in both big and small businesses.

For a very reasonable fee, to be agreed after an initial round of consultation, a company can engage an experienced CEO consultant, on a part time basis, to perform an in-depth business review of the company’s existing operations and if considered desirable, formulate a go-forward short to medium business plan.The process of reviewing the existing business operations and generating a going forward business plan typically comprises 2 parts:

Initial Consulting Assignment

Follow Up Consulting (Health Check) - Upon Client's Request


Our service is primarily about connecting businesses with experienced CEO/COOs who are known professionally and personally to us. It is not a headhunting or recruitment service.

Our objective is to enable businesses, especially SMEs, to have access to the skills and experience of seasoned business leaders without the cost of hiring a full time CEO, which is unlikely to be financially justifiable to anything but multi-national companies. Hence, this is a cost effective way for companies to seek quality
management and business advice.

Once an introduction is made, it will be down to the two parties to agree scope of work and consulting charges. Businesses can always begin with a small scale engagement to try out the concept and see if it deliver favorable results, and progress to complicated strategic issues later.

Moreover, as the CEO becomes involved in the strategic and tactical operations of your business, he/she will build up a relationship with you and your company and become your confidante and trusted business advisor.

Consultants' Profiles

The profiles of experienced CEOs who are offering their services are listed below. If you are interested to understand further about the details of the services, our director, Andrew NG, will be pleased to explain the process involved and provide the full contact details of the CEO consultants.

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